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Nervosa was formed in 2010 in São Paulo (Brazil) and has toured the world alongside big names in the International Metal Scene. In 2020 the band changed the line-up and reached the highest positions in the music charts in several countries with the singles from their renowned album “Perpetual Chaos” released in January 2021. In the same year, the album so acclaimed by the press entered several rankings as the best album of the year among other categories. Nervosa is considered an important reference in the Female Metal Scene as well as in the Thrash Metal Scene worldwide being known for its compositions characterized by its own style.

Nervosa is formed by:
Prika Amaral – Vocals and Guitars
Helena Kotina – Guitars
Hel Pyre – Bass
Michaela Naydenova – Drums



A really long and difficult path behind them and have undergone several lineup changes. However, despite all obstacles, the band has already made their mark on the German and worldwide Thrash Metal underground with the continuous output of several high-quality demos. The 1999 demo tape “Alcoholocaust”, the band’s first sign of life, formed a solid foundation on which to build. With the 2001 CD successor “Existence is Punishment”, the formation was able to courageously expand their chosen direction. In August 2003 the 3rd demo, titled “Black Hole”, was self-released in CD format. At the same time, the band also permanently played several shows with IMMOLATION,Tankard, Witchburner and the US legend Intruder. The demo CD “Obey”, released in 2006, was a seamless continuation of the quality of its predecessors. With “In the Name of God” in 2008, the band delivered a big blast again, constantly accompanied by energetic Thrash Metal Underground concerts, in which the band always took part gladly and actively! It should take until 2012 that HATEFUL AGONY threw their killer album “Forward into Doom” into the defenseless thrasher moshpit. And things are still looking up for HATEFUL AGONY… the consistent dedication and years of work of the band finally pays off in February 2015, when the “Forward Into Doom” CD, with an additional 3 exclusive cover tracks (from Carnivore, Sadus and Metal Church), is released as an official CD album and as a digital download worldwide on VIOLENT CREEK RECORDS.After the Release the Band promotet the Record with a tour together with Canadian Thrash Legends Aggression and Concerts with Acts like Ratos de Porao,Transmetal,Nuclear and Flotsam& Jetsam.The Band has entered the Studio again in fall 2017 to record the successor to”forward into doom” which was released in SUMMER 2018 called “PLASTIC CULTURE PESTILENCE” and was promoted by a European Tour with UK Thrash Metal Legends VIRUS and different Gigs and Festivals with Bands like CANDLEMASS,MASTER, SINISTER, BLIND ILLUSION, ASSASSIN,ATROPHY etc. The Band also took part in the THRASH METAL documentary: TOTAL THRASH THE TEUTONIC STORY Just to embark on a POLAND/CZ Tour a few weeks later.



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