TRAGEDY // 19.07.24

17:00 Uhr
EINTRITT FREI (Hutkonzert)



Einlass – L.A.’s OLD SCHOOL GARDEN: 17:00 Uhr
Start – Live Music: ca. 19:00 Uhr 




TRAGEDY – one of New York City’s most famous tribute bands and the undisputed inventors of “disco metal” – had a glitter-encrusted grip on the entertainment world when they emerged in the early 2010’s. Now, following the 2015 breakout viral music video for their cover of Grease’s “You’re The One That I Want” and 2017’s second viral hit, a cover of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees, TRAGEDY are back with a brand new twist on I Am Woman, out March 3, 2023 via Napalm Records.

Flipping the script on sleaze rock tropes, with I Am Woman, TRAGEDY pay tribute to the most powerful force in their lives, as allies celebrating womanhood in all forms on 14 newly-recorded, reinvented disco and soft rock anthems of power, freedom, feeling and fun. While their 80s hair metal image would imply that plenty of misbehavior is to be seen on the surface, one only need witness TRAGEDY live a single time to understand that the band’s true  overarching message is one of carefree joy, humanity, acceptance and the simple pursuit of a damn good time.

The band kicks things into high gear today with the album’s first single – a swinging glam metal rendition of the legendary anthem “Venus” – alongside a fantastic video featuring appearances by bohemian NYC legends such as Tammy Fae Starlite, Anna Copa Cabanna and Crystal Durant… and tons of bananas!

Frontman Mo’Royce Peterson says about “Venus”:
“Venus. The goddess of beauty, love and gardening – all areas where TRAGEDY shines like no other band. Originally done by Shocking Blue and Bananarama, the song explores how we all have our own personal goddess of beauty and love – someone who excites and inspires us like no other. Our version is chock full of MTV-era references, will get your head bangin’, your hips shakin’, and put a knowing smile on your face.” Having introduced their raucous trademark stage show to audiences in the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and beyond, and releasing several albums of metalized disco, soft rock and pop covers before even tasting their first viral hit, TRAGEDY proved early on that they were never just your everyday satirical cover band. These six warriors of wacky fully embody the soul of the original and reimagine it from the top down, infusing the tracks with an undeniably infectious energy that can be felt both on stage or on wax.

…Shiny costumes, dramatic eye makeup and headbanging hilarity…”
– The Village Voice (US)

“Hard riffs, tight white flares, and even tighter octave-scraping harmonies… essential listening”
– The Sun (UK)

On I Am Woman, TRAGEDY turn the energy up to 11 with recharged dancehall favorites like “Le Freak”, “Respect” (featuring soul powerhouse Marcy Harriell) and “I’m So Excited”, and double down on the drama with heavy, recomposed covers of belt-worthy classics “Memory” (featuring legendary drag performer, singer and guitarist Mrs. Smith), “Goldfinger” and “Roar”. Tracks like “I Will Survive” evoke the spirit of Queen with choral harmonies and blazing solos, while unabashed anthems like “She Bop” and “Venus” fully convince with authentic 80s hair metal flavor. Power metal reigns on the band’s opus-like version of “Flashdance… What a Feeling” and the theatrical Maiden-meets-Meatloaf-esque “Lay All Your Love on Me”. I Am Woman is bolstered by a retro production aura that allows the intricacy of each rearrangement decision to shine, as blistering guitar work, classic drumlines and dynamic vocal performances cascade throughout each track. With I Am Woman, TRAGEDY truly embody the spirit of metal classics while providing a fresh take on some of the world’s most timeless classics of empowerment, independence and self-love – important messages that resonate now more than ever!

Frontman Mo’Royce Peterson adds:
“On I Am Woman, we find the inner-metal in disco and soft rock classics made famous by women. TRAGEDY’s concept has always been to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, inverting the yin and the yang. Here, we honor, celebrate and explore various themes of womanhood.”


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